Welcome to Relationship Insights by Kaye Gersch PhD

I see many couples in my therapy practice. So, in my 73 years I’ve gained a lot of experience in working with relationships.  People from a wide variety of backgrounds seek my help. Couples just like you.

Couples bring their heart-break and disappointment.  They show me their fractured lives and financial ruin which result from relationships in disarray. I witness couples causing each-other unbearable pain.

By contrast, I also see couples create extraordinary healing and recovery, insight and development. 

How did Relationship Insights come about?

Initially I wrote the Insights for my clients, to help between sessions.  Then I realized that the Insights can be useful to you. Each Insight is based on an issue that couples brought to me  –  many times – in actual therapy sessions.

These Insights go deep. They have real substance. Take them seriously. You and your partner need to devote some time to them –  you will receive one new Insight each week. Apply them. You will find something of value for the rest of your life.

Your relationship is the most precious investment you will ever make.  Far more valuable than your career, or your income. You invest your hopes and dreams, heart and soul. Not only that, you invest your future. Your relationship investment is worth protecting. These Insights will help you grow and sustain your relationship.

The Insights are not only about difficulties, but enrich what you already do well as a couple.

Undoubtedly, you both bring baggage to this treasured relationship. Maybe you are aware of this baggage right from the start. But it might take a few rough patches in your relationship for the baggage to show up. This is where you need the Insights for repairs.

Coming to this website is like entering a forest, and each Insight is a tree. As you apply each Insight you will grow a forest that will sustain you into your future.

Repair, grow and sustain

Have you considered that you have much personal power to influence your present and future relationship?  Inevitably, the shape of your relationship future is dependent on your thoughts, feelings, habits and actions today.  Therefore, Relationship Insights educate your thoughts and your thoughts shape your actions.

Your particular relationship is unique, with limits and possibilities shaped by the history and psychology of both of you. It makes sense to make the most of this potential.

So, be the best partner you can possibly be! Repair, grow and sustain your relationship!

Want to make changes?  Start here!

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