Dark Nights of the Soul

Money-talk is important fo couples, as shown by these stacks of gold coins.
Money-talk: yours, mine and ours
November 4, 2019
Ageless Soul
Ageless Soul
November 4, 2019

Finding your way through life’s ordeals. By Thomas Moore

A s a psychotherapist, I accompany many people through despair and dense thickets of seemingly unsolvable problems. Depression, anxiety, hopelessness.

Thomas, in his work as a psychotherapist, has likewise witnessed the struggles of many. He knows about these arduous labours personally, and he also knows of the resilience and wisdom that are the gifts of prevailing.

T his is a deep book. If you are in a light-hearted place, the soulful passages will probably not touch you. But when your soul is in travail, Thomas speaks the language that goes straight to the core of the pain. One of my Relationship Insights is how to approach suffering, particularly that of your partner, through compassion.

In my paper, The Dark Night of the Soul, I use many pertinent passages from Thomas Moore’s book. I have also presented this paper as a lecture, at Jung Societies and other venues, in Australia and South Africa. People are so starved for this kind of conversation. I was so grateful to Thomas for his wisdom, especially in Dark Nights, that I wrote to him:

"I thought that you would be interested to know that your work carries on in far distant places, and meets the hearts and souls of many. Thank you for all you have done and continue to do, towards understanding the complexities of our human journey".

W e continue to correspond.

On one occasion I gave a full-day workshop on The Dark Night of the Soul, in Brisbane Australia, using music (mostly by J.S.Bach) to evoke various soul states. Later, Thomas, who is also a musician, gave some advice on which music would be even more effective.

One reason to read this book is to gain a vocabulary of suffering, because we are generally lost for words when we need them the most, for situations that really matter. Particularly when we are faced with soul problems, in ourselves or in a loved one. Learn the language of the suffering soul.