Thanks Kaye, for "How do you build trust a couple". I am finding the Insights very valuable as I do apply them and reflect on them in my relationship. Also, very enjoyable reading. Rosanna

I’ve been reading your Relationship Doctor articles and absolutely love the way you write. It’s smooth and easy to understand and very relatable. I look forward to the next one. Terri

Bingeing on Insights this morning!  Loving what I'm reading. Ateesha

Thank you very much for your relationship Insights, very helpful, and am sharing them with my daughters, so hoping to help them too, if and when the need arises.
Cheers Deborah

We have been doing the Courage Conversations for a while now at home and work.  At home it is about listening and putting others first when we can.  When we can’t, we ask for a time when we can. At work the Courageous Conversations are going well too, they have spread and now brief or long courageous conversations are multiplying and are the new normal. A calm sense of communication has replaced gossip and behind your back talk. Thank you! Richard    

I have been delighted to read your Relationship Doctor initiative and wanted to let you know how well pitched and presented I think it is. Congratulations! I can only guess how much work and planning has gone into this. It certainly has a great feeling of Jungian Generativity. Jyan    

I love the "Tennis anyone: keeping the communication ball in play"! The dialogue is so accurate and the examples so soulful and evocative, I can hear them!! Mary  

Loved "Courageous Conversation" as usual, Kaye, especially the fronting up section!.. made me grin.

"Hugs and Kisses" is a great article and seems so natural to do in those really awful moments.
For me, there are times when this idea works really effectively and other times when the other pushes you away.
I have to say patting the dog is such a great way to sooth oneself and she loves it too, of course. There is probably more of the dog patting and hugging happening here then with each other at present.
And I must say this article has come in perfect time to help bring some calm into those really difficult times.
Thank you for the Insights.

I've just read your relationship insights and think they are excellent.  They are all clear, concise and hit the mark."Tennis anyone: keeping the communication ball in play" is great. The metaphor makes the concepts so easy to understand; a good practical way to educate and inspire people to relate more consciously.  "Hugs and Kisses, the oxytocin connection" is also excellent, especially with the Gottman stats about hugs and kisses.  I remember how this info spurred me to do more kissing and hugging when I found out about it!

I’m very impressed with your Relationship Doctor website – well done!  What a fantastic idea! It looks great, and the articles are excellent. Jenny  

I love the language you use, it’s all very approachable, intriguing and convincing.

I love the language you use, it’s all very approachable, intriguing and convincing.

Your Insights are totally impressive. Craig

"How do you built trust as a couple" beautifully sews together so much of your earlier insights. Lovely. Lana

As a GP I find relationship issues come up frequently in consultations whether it be personal or work-related. Many patients presenting with distress and conflict want to be heard and listening is essential. Referring them to the Relationship Doctor Website gives them strategies and practical information to work on in their relationship. It also enables them to refocus on areas they may have neglected. As a Holistic/Integrative GP, I try to focus on all areas in the person's health- mind, emotional, physical and spiritual. It is well recognised that many physical problems and presentations to a GP are in fact caused by emotional or mental health issues. E.g. headaches, abdominal pain, gut disturbances, insomnia etc. The topic of contempt covered by Kaye in the Insights explains how it erodes the immune system and the degree of contempt correlates with the number of infectious diseases in the person receiving this contempt from their partner. I feel all GP’s could benefit themselves and their patients by accessing and using this website. Kayes insights, tips and understanding of the topics has a practical application and is very interesting reading. I highly recommend The Relationship Doctor Website for anyone wanting to improve their relationships. Dr Sue Cory MBBS,DTMH, Dip Obstet, FRACGP