July 29, 2017
Courageous Conversations with your Partner
I often do a much more extended version of Courageous Conversations when I work with couples, when the issues are much more deep-seated or complex. In my example in this post I’ve set the scene for approaching conflict with a friend, acquaintance or service provider rather than an intimate partner. Often it is easier to learn how to front up with a courageous conversation with someone you know less well. Then you can proceed with your partner in confidence that you have a process that will help you get to the difficult issues.
June 15, 2018
Biding for time
Biding for time is a very useful tool in relationships. When used wisely, biding for time contributes to good communication. Biding for time is a conscious strategy that you employ intentionally. Biding for time is not procrastination, which is usually unconscious,and rarely employed wisely. Biding for time is not avoidance either.  Nor is it "turning away" as described by the Gottman's in response to "bids for connection with your partner."