Standing at the Edge

Miss Garnet’s Angel
December 9, 2019
Start where you are
Start Where You Are
December 9, 2019

Finding Freedom Where Fear And Courage Meet.

By Joan Halifax.

T lhis book weaves together scientific information and Roshi Joan’s own powerful personal experiences as a social activist and humanitarian to show how we can transform our biggest challenges with compassion and wisdom.

T he specific challenges she writes about are how even the greatest virtues can become our downfall; altruism, empathy, integrity, respect, engagement and most of all - compassion.

For those who practice these ”virtues” as part of our daily life and profession, it is a wake up call that such qualities can also have a dark side. The Shadow lurks even here. Roshi Joan guides us through a thorough self-examination.

I personally found this very illuminating, and an example of how we can stray off the path even while being dedicated to it. For instance, if our path requires compassion, and we give readily, what does it mean when we resent our situation?

This book will help carers of all kinds, from parents, to teachers, to therapists - and end of life carers, which has been Joan Halifax’s particular dedication.

S ee also “Being with Dying: cultivating compassion and fearlessness in the presence of death”, also by Joan Halifax.