Maps of Meaning

Kaye Gersch - Jung
Marion Woodman: Dancing in the Flames.
April 8, 2020
In Quest of the Mythical Mate
April 8, 2020

The architecture of belief.

By Jordan B Peterson.

H ow do we arrive at meaning? How do we make sense of things? Jordan B Peterson gives us the signposts that culture has relied upon to create and describe a meaningful existence.

Why have people from different cultures and eras formulated myths and stories with similar structures? What does this similarity tell us about the mind, morality, and structure of the world itself?
F rom the author of 12 Rules for Life: An Antidote to Chaos comes a provocative hypothesis that explores the connection between what modern neuropsychology tells us about the brain and what rituals, myths, and religious stories have long narrated. A cutting-edge work that brings together neuropsychology, cognitive science, and Freudian and Jungian approaches to mythology and narrative, Maps of Meaning presents a rich theory that makes the wisdom and meaning of myth accessible to the critical modern mind.

This is a deep book and speed-reading will just not cut it!