Dr Kaye Gersch

“Writing these insights combines three things that are most important to me: using a life-time of professional skills, writing creatively, and contributing to making the world a better place.”

A t every turn, relationships are the core of your life – and of mine. It took the breakdown of my long-term relationship for me to go into the depths of what makes relationships work – or not. I became more courageous about tackling the hard stuff, both in myself and in my clients.

I have been hatching these Relationship Insights all my life. I just didn’t know it. In 2015 I started writing them down, thinking that these were small isolated writing pieces. These pieces are now part of a successful series and will be published as a book in 2020.

I enjoy writing and the inspiration for these Insights continues from the repeated themes that come up in sessions with clients to my Relationships Workshops, and of course, from my own life.

Repair. Grow. Sustain

S o how did I get to be the relationship Doctor? I certainly didn’t plan it! Maybe life had plans for me.

I was born in 1945 to a farming family in rural Australia. My parents had market gardens, orchards and ran cattle – black Angus actually before that breed became associated with top quality beef. From an early age, I helped, whether I wanted to or not.

What I learned was practical, and gave me a great respect for the farmers who dedicate their lives to producing our food. I learned about depending on the weather and the season. And the market. Neither of my parents were tertiary-educated and left school at 14, which was quite common at the time.

What I learned about growing things awakened a life-long passion for gardening, especially producing food. I was also obsessed with playing the piano, and that didn’t quite fit with farming.

n addition to a love for the natural world, I loved people and from an early age, my heart was bursting with compassion for the suffering and need of others.

In the uninhibited way of a child, I tended to stray cats and injured dogs. I gravitated to those who struggled in life and I wanted to help. Of course, I had my own struggles too. These struggles gave me insight into the struggles and pain of others.

Initially, I believed the best way to help others would be through understanding the causes of physical illness, and the promoting of bodily health. No doubt my closeness to the land influenced this choice, as well as my health problems as a child. So I studied natural medicine and practised for many years.

However, I soon realised that ill-health often, if not always, has a psychological origin or component. Thus began a long training in psychological medicine, beginning in the 1980s and spanning more than 30 years. My training includes Jungian depth psychology and psychoanalysis. I gained a Masters and PhD (in psychoanalytic philosophy) along the way.
My way to make that difference has changed over time. At the outset, I had no idea I was to become the Relationship Doctor. Since the 1970s I have worked in private practice, and follow closely what you, my clients need. I’ve also lived the phases of my life, through relationships, parenting and career. My real teacher is my life experience – and your life experience.