I hold a monthly Jung-based discussion group over zoom. Are you interested in joining us?

Here's an example of what we do based on a recent topic of Soul and Money.
The Shadow of each person is also revealed by means of money. Soul and money might seem an unlikely duo -two sides of the same coin, so to speak. James Hillman, Russell Lockhart, and other Jungians published "Soul and Money" in 1982. This volume provides the basis for our discussion and ranges from the highest aspirations to the darkest Shadow.

"The soul of each person is revealed by means of money."

Money is a very tricky business because it is numinous and therefore close to the gods. Money enables the imagination and is used by the imagination. James Hillman described it as an archetype that is "devilishly divine".

Learn about the money-complex and how money controls you, and all this behind your back.

I recently published this article as part of my Relationship Insights and you have free access to it here. Read the full article.

Interested in attending?

I have been running this group for 25 years and welcome everyone who is interested.

Please email: kayegersch@gmail.com to let me know if you will be attending.
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Attendance is by Donation The suggestion is $25.00 - but please don't let finance EVER be a reason not to come.

Zoom group is 1.5 - 2 hours - Often our discussion gets really interesting at the 1.5-hour point, which is when we are due to finish. When this happens I will ask about extending 2 hours.