How to talk about writing

Swamplands of the Soul
December 9, 2019
Here me out! Two camels engaging in speaking and listening - the art of conversation.
Hear me out! The art of speaking and listening.
February 3, 2020

A fundamental shift in perspective.

Six crucial discoveries
By Barbara Turner-Vesselago

D o you know someone who writes? A partner, children, students? Do you struggle to know what to say and how to say it? Are you yourself lost for words in your desire to respond meaningfully?

Go no further - here is your definitive guide to the art of talking about writing.

P ith insight and clarity, Barbara Turner-Vesselago distils the essentials of ‘How To Talk About Writing’ into six revolutionary discoveries.

This book provides invaluable advice for all who long to respond constructively to writers who seek their input, but who don’t know how or where to begin.

Seasoned writing mentors and editors will be inspired to abandon old paradigms of editorial criticism. Those new to giving feedback will find straightforward tips—easy to comprehend and instantly rewarding to apply.

Barbara Turner-Vesselago is the author of two successful writing books and a mentor to hundreds of published authors worldwide. Informative and user-friendly, this is a vital guide for writers’ groups, university seminars, and even for frank and informal one-on-one discussions between friends.
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