Good relationships are good for your health

Welcome to Relationship Insights by Dr Kaye Gersch. Here you will be guided to repair, grow and sustain your relationship.
Welcome to Relationship Insights by Dr Kaye Gersch
April 7, 2018
These relationships Insights are suited to the full range of human expression.
Intended readership of Relationship Insights
March 21, 2018

Good relationships are good for your health

Good relationships are good for our health and happiness on all levels. Keep your relationships tuned up!

Loneliness is not good for you, either mentally or physically. On the other hand, good relationships are good for you – they protect your brain and your mental health, at whatever age.

A good place to start is choosing a compatible partner.

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Family feuds take a terrible toll on those who hold the grudges, and those caught in the firing line. For instance, collateral damage is often inflicted on children when their parent’s divorce.

The benefits of a healthy relationship:

  • Being able to count on your partner, lifelong, is one of the greatest blessings you can ever have. Read, how to build trust as a couple
  • You build the good life through cultivating loving relationships.
  • When you live in warm, harmonious, supportive relationships your health improves. Learning compassion is an important contribution to being supportive.
  • You are happier and live longer!
  • Harmonious relationships are good for making meaning of the perplexities of life. Create agreed meaning!
  • Then, this solid basis is good for your profession, for your relationship with your colleagues and the quality of your work itself.
  • Inevitably, such stability is good for your families, first of all, your children, and then your extended families.
  • And finally, relationships are the backbone of a successful community and a thriving culture.
  • Note that I am talking about healthy relationships. If your relationship is not healthy, read “Domestic violence is not only physical.

relationship insights

In order to make a positive difference in your life,  follow these Relationship Insights!

In these relationship Insights you will

  • discover how you can grow to be the person you want to be in your relationship.
  • learn the secrets, principles and strategies that result in healthy, happy, rewarding and lasting relationships.
  • understand how to set healthy boundaries and treat each other respectfully even when you are having trouble getting along.
  • know that strong relationship do not happen by accident.
  • prioritize sexual intimacy. Read “Keeping sex alive.”
  • envision a future of shared dreams.
  • discover that you can learn to love, even to love better.
  • nurture your partner’s friendship and create connection.
  • master the art of healthy communication. 
  • express differences of opinion without fear
  • fight successfully, without wrecking the relationship
  • negotiate with your partner so you both get something of what you want
  • appreciate the impact of your repeated negative behaviour on your partner and change that behaviour.
  • acquire the knowledge and skills to face your partner about their negative behaviour, in a kind, insightful and compassionate way. 
  • how to maintain your own identity in your relationship.

One step at a time!

How to choose a compatible partner is essential reading for you!

Start here with the Stages of Change.

Copyright Kaye Gersch 2018.

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