“Dreams provide the most interesting information for those who take the trouble to understand their symbols” C.G. Jung.

Since about 1990 I have been working as an interpreter of dreams in the Jungian style, to help people with their psychological and spiritual progress.

I work with people's dreams in several different ways:
> In individual sessions via Skype or Zoom
> In short face to face workshops
>In small (face to face or online) groups.

Groups and workshops offer an opportunity to learn some of the theory behind dream interpretation, especially from the Jungian perspective. Ongoing groups include discussions of participant dreams.

All dreams are normal. The question is, what do they mean?

Near the end of his life, Einstein reflected back to a dream: “I knew I had to understand that dream and you could say, and I would say, that my entire scientific career has been a meditation on my dream.”

Get in touch about your dreams.

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What dreams do you have?

>Do you have dreams that haunt you for days?
>Do have dreams with repeated themes?
>Do you have dreams from childhood?
>Do you dream you're driving too fast?
>Do you dream can't find your car? or the airport? Or your passport?
>Do your dreams feature someone you know?
>Do you have dreams which come true?
>Have you dreamt you died or are pregnant?
>Do you have flying or falling dreams?
>Have you ever committed a crime in a dream?