Creating a Life

Start where you are
Start Where You Are
December 9, 2019
The Middle Passage
December 9, 2019

Finding Your Individual Path

by James Hollis

T his is one of my favourite books by one of my favourite authors. James Hollis speaks to places in myself that I don’t know about till his words discover them.

I’m not alone - this book has touched many lives, as demonstrated by the fact that this is one of the more borrowed books in my library.

A sk yourself, 'When do I feel most real?' What comes up on the screen? All of us have had moments in our lives when we felt whole or wholly present, or experienced a sense of well-being, an intuition of a higher order of reality.

Creating a Life is about Individuation, the supreme task of life. It is a profound commentary on the importance of the examined life, illustrating how we may arrive at an understanding of our life choices and relationships by exploring our core complexes and personal history.

With insight and compassion grounded in the humanistic side of analytical psychology, Hollis elucidates the circuitous way of Individuation.

The text is deeply enriched by the inclusion of poems,] and excerpts from the works of many modern writers (including John Fowles, Rilke, DH Lawrence, Thoreau, Pascal and Kierkegaard.)