Soul and money: what deep attitude does money reveal?

Money and Soul - "In God we Trust"!

Before we get to “Money-talk: yours, mine and ours”, the companion-article which follows this Insight,  let us pause to consider why money is such a tricky business.  To do this, I will explore soul and money. This might seem a strange connection, putting money and sou in the same sentence.  This close proximity brings to …

Surviving the holidays

Are you going to spend your Christmas holidays stressing, or enjoying your partner and family?

Christmas holidays are destabilizing, because of the loss of routine and structure of ordinary life. The freedom of the holidays might feel good, but familiar comforts are not available. The gym is closed, and the cleaner is on holidays. Your favourite trades-people are on a long break, often for a whole month, so your usual acts of commerce, which provide both structure and interaction with others, are not available. Apart from not being able to toss off a few DIYs, you feel at a loss.

Mental health issues are at a peak during the holiday season, and loss of routine and structure is one of the main reasons. The other is the unrealistic expectations around what feelings you are going to have, of love and family warmth.

Keeping sex alive

Finally we get right to the heart of the sexual aspect of your relationship. How you keep sex alive will depend on your own individuality, as well as the individuality of your partner. And of course, how you combine that individuality.
The next few Insights will focus on sexuality, so we will cover the subject fairly thoroughly. In this Insight you will be invited into self-inquiry. Self-knowledge is crucial for every aspect of relationship, and especially your sexuality.