Activate Your Female Power

She wants sex and you don't? Desire discrepancy in relationships.
She wants sex but you don’t? Desire discrepancy in relationships.
February 9, 2020
RD reads the-body-keeps-the-score
The Body Keeps the Score
February 25, 2020

Activate Your Female Power: Reclaim Your Body, Fertility, Health, Happiness and Confidence as a Woman

T he books on my shelf are by authors who break new ground. Sharon’s book is no exception.

Sharon and I first met when I was researching for my PhD and she had just graduated. We were both trying to find ways to identify the feminine - and being a woman - in ways that are healing and restorative.

This is an inspiring book for women in all stages of life; from the first menstruation to post-menopause, Sharon guides us to enjoy being a woman. She does this partly through dismantling cultural blind spots.

> A woman’s body is not a machine but an incredible ecosystem
> Subconscious beliefs can limit your experience of being female, so learn to dismantle these limitations
> Enjoy Nature’s healthy blueprint for fertility and eliminate unnecessary spending on fertility treatments
> Access the spiritual power in the female body to inspire confidence, self-appreciation and inner security
> Transform menstrual shame into pride and self-respect.

F or me, the way a person lives is the most powerful teaching. Sharon mind and heart glows through her physical presence, and through her words and thinking.

Like all worthwhile books, this Activate your Female Power takes some application and concentration, but you will be amply rewarded. I was the editor of some of the chapters and it was this close reading that took me deep into Sharon’s wisdom.