A Good Life to the End

December 8, 2019
Being with Dying
Being with Dying
December 9, 2019

Taking control of our inevitable journey through aging and death.

By Ken Hillman, professor of Intensive Care.

I am acutely aware of my own mortality, both because of my age (born in 1945) and the various ailments or diagnoses, which pepper my life. Though I have put my best effort into caring for myself and being healthy on all levels, the inevitable must come.

So the topic of end of life care has come into very clear focus for me. When my parent's end of life care inevitably came, my brother and I felt lost and ill-informed as to options and best choices. I sincerely wish that Professor Hillman’s book had been available then, as a much-needed guide.

A huge majority of people at the end of their lives want to die at home, but only a small number manage to do this. This vital book asks why.

Many of us have experienced an elderly loved one coming to the end of their life in a hospital - over-treated, infantilised and, worst of all, facing a death without dignity. Families are being herded into making decisions that are not to the benefit of the patient.
Professor Ken Hillman has worked in intensive care since its inception. But he is appalled by the way the ICU has become a place where the frail, soon-to-die and dying are given unnecessary operations and life-prolonging treatments without their wishes being taken into account.

A Good Life to the End will embolden and equip us to ask about the options that doctors in hospital should offer us but mostly don't.

I t lets us know that there are other, gentler options for patients and their loved ones that can be much more sympathetic to the final wishes of most people facing the end of their lives.

An invaluable support for the elderly as well as their families, and a rallying cry for anyone who's had to witness the unnecessary suffering of a loved one, A Good Life to the End will spark debate, challenge the status quo and change lives.

Have this book on your shelf before you think you need it because sooner or later you will!