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Are you frustrated by being unable to communicate effectively with your partner? Do you ever feel properly heard? Are you unable to “get through” to your partner?

Do you fight, but the fights don’t lead to any resolution or solution? Instead, do your fights lead to an accumulation of bad feelings? Do the bad feelings erode the joy, hope and vitality you had at the beginning of your relationship?

Are you at the beginning of your relationship, and want to avoid pitfalls, and instead build a strong, sustainable relationship that will weather the storms of life?

Do you want to learn more about love, and how to grow love?

You need Relationship Insights!

I initially wrote these Insights for clients to apply, between couple’s therapy sessions, as homework.  Then other people wanted access to them. As a result I have created this website for you. The focus is how to repair, grow and sustain your relationship.

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Relationship Insights

Understand personality to solve communication difficulties!

Having trouble understanding yourself? Having trouble understanding others? Understanding personality can solve many communication difficulties. Much misunderstanding between people is because we imagine that all people are the same. In other words, we believe that we all perceive the world in the same way.  However, nothing could be further than the truth. I began this …

Why contempt kills relationship

To be on the receiving end of contemplation is sickening, literally. The Gottman's research discovered that determined that you will infectious more infectious diseases, in ratio to the level of contempt.

Nothing kills a relationship as quickly as contempt. Contempt leads to the failure of any relationship; partners, parents, children, colleagues. John Gottman, in his extensive research into the causes of relationship breakdown, identifies contempt as the number one predictor of relationship failure. Dr Gottman explains the four patterns of relationship destruction in the link I just provided. You …


“By dint of experience, Kaye Gersch understands the ups and downs of relationships. Relationship Insights marries her many years of wisdom from lived experience with the depth of Jungian psychology. The insights are both practical and reassuring; they normalise how it really is in intimate relationships, while at the same time suggesting ways to navigate the various dilemmas we confront. In bite-sized pieces, this nourishment is easy to digest and supports the deep intimacy that comes when we’re prepared to be in relationship for the long haul.”

Sharon Moloney, PhD

Women’s health practitioner, hypnotherapist and author of “Activate Your Female Power”.

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